Beirut in the 60s and Moroccan Landscapes

The Phoenicia Hotel, a favorite upper class hangout in 1960s Beirut

Two intriguing photography collections caught my attention today. The first is a series of pictures in and around 1960s-era Beirut, mostly high society favorites like the Phoenicia Hotel and Ouzai beach. They impart something of the opulent, cosmopolitan Zeitgeist of the city before the Lebanese Civil War that wracked the country for a quarter century (check out the Getty’s powerful collection of Lebanese Civil War photographs here).


The Cascades d’Ouzoud in the Grand Atlas region of central Morocco

The other collection captures the incredibly diverse topography of Morocco. From the Grand Atlas mountains and the Ouzoud waterfall, to deserts and oases, this short YouTube compilation offers a brief glimpse of one of the most geographically eclectic countries in the Middle East (Iran also ranks at the top of the list; see its landscape variety here).


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