The following are links for various topics in the humanities, Middle East Studies, and issues related to free speech.

Resources for Middle East Studies (extensive collection of links gathered by Prof. Carl Ernst, UNC Chapel Hill)

Free Speech and Censorship:
Banned Books 2011 (a list of over 100 of the most banned books in the UK)
Jefferson Muzzles (Articles plus annual “awards” related to free speech in higher ed)

Arabic Almanac (online dictionaries of Arabic, Persian, and Urdu, searchable by root)
Al-Waraq (searchable Arabic texts in literature, grammar, philosophy, Islamic thought)
Waqfeya (database of Arabic texts, downloadable in PDF format)
Mostafa Library (database of downloadable Arabic manuscripts and editions)
Shamela Library (downloadable Arabic texts)
Marefa (downloadable Arabic books and manuscripts)

Steingass Persian-English Dictionary
Vajehyab (Dehkhoda’s lexicon, searchable)
Ganjoor (searchable database of Persian literature, classical and modern)

Princeton Digital Library of Islamic Manuscripts
Islamic Manuscripts at Michigan
Garden of Islamic Manuscripts (database of Persian manuscripts)

Islamic Studies:
Al-Tafsir (the Qur’an in Arabic and translation, plus searchable Arabic commentaries)
Hadith al-Islam (resource for the nine major Sunni hadith works, plus commentaries)
Islamopedia Online (a public, web-based resource on contemporary Islamic thought and opinion)
Arch Net (online resource for Islamic architecture)
Instituto de Estudios Islámicos y del Oriente Próximo (Islamic Studies Institute, University of Zaragoza)
Ballandalus (Medieval history by University of Chicago PhD student Mohammed Ballan)

Middle East Politics, Society and Culture:
Middle East Monitor (Regional society and politics)
Islam On Main Street (a crash course for domestic American reporters)
Syria Comment (Joshua Landis, University of Oklahoma)
Qifa Nabki (Lebanese politics blog, Elias Muhanna, Brown University)
Windows On Iran (Fatemeh Kashavarz, Washington University-St. Louis)
Brownbook (An urban guide to the Middle East)
Maroc Mama (Middle East food and travel)

Historical Photography Collections:
Al-Mashriq (digital archive hosted by Ostfold College in Halden, Norway, with photos of Lebanon from the late 1800s and early 1900s)
Arab Image Foundation (more than 75,000 photos by Arab photographers from the early 19th century to the present)
Archnet Digital Library (online collection at MIT containing over 40,000 images from various academic institutions, including the British Museum and Harvard University)
George Eastman House (several archives grouped together, including the Francis Frith, American Colony, Jericho and Van Voorhis collections)
Getty Research Institute (includes over 6,000 images of the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey, stenographs and postcards. Includes online catalogue)

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